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Welcome to Ici La Press

Welcome to Ici La Press
The mission of Ici La Press, the publishing firm owned by Bernard Jarrier and Carole Peck, is straightforward: Identify and secure the rights to the best cookbooks of the world—with special emphasis on the works of star chefs—and publish them in English for American food professionals and food lovers. We translate the texts and adapt all recipes for the American kitchen while preserving the integrity of the original book’s design and format.

Since 2001, Ici La Press has introduced Americans to great cookbooks by leading culinary authors spanning the globe from Paris to Sydney. From the exciting Asian-European fusion cuisine of Christine Manfield and the creative buffet menus of Carole Peck to the inspired new works of star chefs such as Michel Bras, Alain Ducasse, Regis Marcon and Guy Martin, Ici La Press broadens and enriches your menus, strengthens your culinary techniques, and heightens your appreciation of the cutting edge in world cuisine.

Here are the impressive titles available in our current catalog
(click on the title for more information and to order):

The Buffet Book by Carole Peck
Executive chef/owner of the acclaimed Good News Café offers menus & recipes for creating fresh, elegantly simple buffets for all occasions.

Stir by Christine Manfield
The boldly innovative cookbook by the star Australian chef, “a fabulously original take on the beauties and possibilities of modern food”—Charlie Trotter.

Chicken, Chicken, Chicken by Laurence & Gilles Laurendon
A gourmand’s feast of chicken and egg creations from around the globe.

Marvelous Recipes from the French Heartland by Regis Marcon
Featuring the cuisine and culinary heritage of Marcon, winner of the 2001 Prix La Mazille for best French cookbook.

Essential Cuisine by Michel Bras
The signature cookbook by the three-star Michelin chef & restaurateur, winner of the coveted 2002 Gourmand Award for World’s Best Cookbook.

The Notebooks of Michel Bras: Desserts by Michel Bras
The first in the “Notebook” series available in English from the acclaimed French chef and author.

The Heart of Sicily by Anna Tasca Lanza
The renowned Sicilian cooking school founder shares her knowledge of her homeland’s cuisine and love for its foods and traditions.

The Flavors of Sicily by Anna Tasca Lanza
The perfect companion work to Heart of Sicily, by the renowned Italian cooking school teacher and author.

The Good Cuisine by Francoise Bernard & Alain Ducasse
A delightful duet of recipes for staple French foods, recommended by The New York Times Book Review.

Spoon Food and Wine by Alain Ducasse
An exhilarating introduction to Ducasse’s cross-cultural “Spoon” creations, new from the celebrated six-star Michelin chef.

Vegetables by Guy Martin
An eclectic cookbook by the executive chef of the acclaimed Le Grand Véfour in Paris, recommended by Florence Fabricant of The New York Times.

The Mediterranean Diet Cookbook by Jacques Fricker & Dominique Laty
A complete guide to the nutritious and healthful cuisine enjoyed for centuries on the island of Crete.

Ziryab: Authentic Arab Cuisine by Farouk Mardam-Bey
A definitive work on cuisine from diverse Arab cultures, named one of 10 best cookbooks of 2002 by Newsweek.

Glorious Soups for Entertaining by Colette Gouvion & Arlette Sirot
The French cookbook that will forever change your perspective on soup, suitable for every course.

The Magic of the Truffle by Christian Etienne
The complete guide to France’s famous “buried treasure,” by the acclaimed Avignon chef and truffle expert.

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