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Lunch Menu

Lunch Menu
Wok-Seared Shrimp

Many of our dishes are Gluten Free and are denoted with an Ask your server for more information.


Good News First Edition Soup - Always Vegetarian c 6 b 7

Chicken *Italian wedding soup *mini meatballs & spinach chiffonade parmesan c 8 b 10

Our Original Lobster Soup & Lobster Chunks c 9 b 11

Delicious Things

Miss Peggy's Onion Bundle *Housemade Ketchup 13

Warm Crab Taco *corn tortilla, cheddar cheese *Smoked Tomatillo relish 13

Melted goats cheese & portobello mushroom on plantain or/brioche toast *peppers & miso dressing 13

Flash Fired Beef, Grilled Romaine & Mozzarella Roast Tomato *Basil Pesto Drizzle 14

Jack's Pecan-Crusted Fresh Oysters *Cherry Jicama Tomatillo Salsa & Chili Aioli 17

Grilled "Bandera" Quail *garbanzo hummus *crunchy veg & pita 14 no pita

Poblano Pepper "releno" 2 cheeses corn & scallions *red chili sauce & pumpkin seeds 13

Baked sweet potato *artichoke hearts *muschrooms *feta *scallions & pepper *tomatillo salsa 14

From Hamden *Burrata cheese *rhubarb celery cherries *marcona almonds 15

Crispy Sweetbreads *broccoli bean sprouts *scallions pepper slaw 14

Artisanal cheese Plate *housemade jam *glazed nuts & crackers 3pc/13 5pc/17

Crunchy Salads

Add to any salad... grilled chicken 4/ salmon or shrimp 8

Organic Farm Greens *Carrot Jicama cucumber *House Vinaigrette 10

Caesar Salad "The Real Thing" Romaine *Garlic Croutons, Anchovies & Parmesan 11 no croutons

Baby Spinach Salad *Warm Ginger Tofu *Pineapple, Grapes, Shiitake Mushrooms & Sunflower Seeds 13

"The Martha" Beets, Avocado, Peas, Cucumber *horseradish Chive Cream & greens 14 / Jumbo lumb crabmeat 18

Grilled Chicken *celery avocado feta *romaine radishes cucumbers *pita crouton *Meditteranean vinaigrette 16 no pita

Kale carrots cabbage *asparagus sugar snaps *quinoa *Sweet Pea farm goat yogurt *cumin dressing 13

Seafood *shrimp octopus squid scallops *romaine arugula *artichoke hearts *roast pepper *lemon dill vinaigrette 15

Vietnam Pork salad *broccoli bean sprouts *cilantro snowpeas lettuce *crunchy wonton chips 15 no wonton

WOW! Cauliflower raisin flan & "Grind Stone" smoked salmon & salad 15

Pork Schnitzel salad *carrots cabbage *apricots snow peas *jicama salad *grain mustard dressing 18

A favorite *warm Smashed Potatoes *Asparagus Gorgonzola & Greens *Tomato Vinaigrette 13

+add Marwin Farm sunny up Duck egg 3

Sandwich Interpretations

Quesadilla of Shrimp, Cilantro, Scallion & Goats Cheese *Avocado *fruit & Greens 15

Our Popular Grilled Salmon on corncake *Garden Greens & Beets *Tarragon Shallot Dressing no corncake 15

Black bean Burrito *rice red peppers & cheese tomato "pico de gallo" sour cream guacamole 15 / Spiced Beef 18

Grilled brie cheese on brioche *endive carrot cherry *sugar snap celery salad *mustard dressing 15

Fresh Tuna Salad Melt *Annie's English Muffin *Roast tomato bacon manchengo *arugula & fruit salad 17

BBQ Pork on Garlic Ciabatta bread *Savoy Cabbage Slaw & Shoestring Fries 15

Wild boar sausage *portugese roll *marinated vidalia *green bean artichoke & jicama farro salad 16 no roll

Zee Burgers

All burgers on baker's brioche Roll *Lettuce, Tomato, Our Slaw, Pickles & Yucca Fries *Housemade Ketchup no roll

Rosenkranz Grass-Fed Beef Burgers 4 oz 12 / 6 oz 14 / Monster 8 oz 16

Lean & Mean 7 oz Antelope Cheeseburger *Horseradish Mayo 17

We have Milkshakes & ice cream floats to go with these burgers! Arethusa farm shakes 7/ Freaky Dog root beer & cream soda floats 6

Entree Plates

Phad Thai rice noodles *cabbage red onion tomato *green beans & sprouts *shiitake & tofu *cilantro & peanuts *hot and sour broth 20 /+chicken 24 /+shrimp 27

Lemon Chicken Breast Scallopine *Native Wild Rice & Baby Green Beans *lemon caper sauce 18

Henry's Organic Roast Chicken *Buttermilk Mashed Potatoes & Wok Veggies 1/4 12 / 1/2 21

Crispy Chicken Livers *Onion Slivers, Broccoli, Red Pepper & Caper Salad *Balsamic Vinaigrette 16

Nantucket Roast Codfish *Red lentils swiss chard *fresh tomato sauce *sunflower seed sprinkle 18

Clams & green fresh Linguini pasta *garlic zucchini & edamame beans 18

Grilled Lamb steak * garlic flan *sugar snap peas & kale *quinoa *rhubarb chutney 18

"Always Good" Wok-Seared White Shrimp *Green Beans, Peas, Olives *roast potato *Red Pepper & Garlic Aioli 1/2 15 full 29

Lots of Lobster "Adult" Baked Macaroni spinach & Provolone cheese *White Truffle Oil 1/2 16/ full 30

Grilled NY Strip Steak, Mashed Potato & Crispy Onion Bundle *Housemade Ketchup
*Cut to Order $3.40 per oz. w/ 5 oz. minimum


Fresh Fruit Tart "Made Daily" Vanilla Ice Cream & Caramel Sauce 9

The Classic "Mile High" Coconut Cake - Mango & Raspberry Sauce 8.50

Tahitian Vanilla Cake - Poached Pear & Black Currant Sauce 9

Chocolate Velvet Tart - Creme Fraiche & Black Currant Syrup 8

"Better than Yankee Doodles" Chocolate Cupcake - Chocolate Sauce & Whipped Cream 7.50

Our Original Creme Brulee - Always a Favorite 8.50

Not Just for Vegans! Mini Chocolate Cake - Raspberry or Mango Sorbet & Chocolate Sauce 9

New 'Artisanal' Premium Cheese Plate - Glazed Nuts, Jam & Housemade Crackers 3pcs 12 5pcs 17

Granola with Quinoa, Fresh Fruits & Sorbet 7

Housemade Good News Cookies 2 ea

Bridgewater Chocolates *3 piece plate 7.25

Arethusa Dairy Ice Cream & SoCo Creamery Sorbets
1 / 2 / 3 scoops - 3.25 / 4.25 / 5.25

Fresh Zee Milkshakes - Any Flavor 7.00

Root Beer or Cream Soda Floats 5.50

Additional Whipped Cream & Sauces 1ea

We use local and organic farmers' products for our dishes.

Thoroughly cooking meat, poultry, shell fish or eggs reduces the risk of food borne illness.
Fish and Meat May Be Cooked to Order

House Rules:
Food Allergies? Please let us know.

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