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Ms. McLaughlin's new show, Depingo Ergo Sum, is about blurring the lines. The title, which means "I paint, therefore I am," reflects the artist's career-long effort to unify art and life. The work in Depingo Ergo Sum bridges the gap between commercial and fine art. The acuteness of Ms. Mclaughlin's illustrations, intermingled with the painterly qualities of her large works, creates an exhibition that blurs the boundaries of the art world. However, this self-described “symbolist in figurative clothing, hiding inside a formalist closet” does more than just that. Paintings depicting strange worlds and mystical landscapes are contrasted with the hard lines of ink drawings in the show, which spans both rooms at the Good News Cafe and Gallery.

The artist's formalist ideals are what give her paintings the balance and harmony of a great modernist, but it is her construction of fantastic worlds, where snakes are watch chains and butterflies are bow ties, that set her paintings apart. Ms. McLaughlin's canvases are filled with sentiment, warmth and wonder, inviting the viewer to explore and discover her personal universe. The ink drawings from her illustration career take one further into her artistic decision making. Like lucid daydreams, these carefully balanced works exhibit Ms. McLaughlin's technical skills, while drawing connections to some of her more surrealist influences. Truly a show not to be missed, this comprehensive selection of the artist’s work pays homage to an inspiring and impressive career.

Ms. McLaughlin studied at the School of Visual Arts, received a BFA from Parsons School of Design and an MA in Studio Art from New York University. She has worked as a staff artist and illustrator for the New York Law Journal and other publications. Her work can be seen online at and at These sites reflect her "art is life" spirit and add to her legacy through astute insights, essays, poetry and images. Ms. Mclaughlin splits her time between Newtown, CT and New York City. A book of the artist's work, also entitled Depingo Ergo Sum, is being published by Foxglove Press in conjunction with the show and can be purchased at the Good News Cafe or by contacting the artist through her websites.

Join us on our annual trip to Provence in 2018.
June 11-17 June 25 - July 1

September 24-30 October 8-14
Ipad Compatible video This video is testimony by one of our previous guests who went on the tour.
Courtyard of Carole & Bernard's home in Provence.

Have you dreamed of discovering the sun-splashed splendors of Provence? Let Carole Peck make that dream come true!

Learn more about joining Carole & Bernard on one of their Exclusive Saveur France Culinary Tours.

Provence Culinary Tour dates for 2018

June 11-17 June 25-July 1

September 24-3 October 8-14