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>Catherine Doocy
>David Eugene Bell
>Diane Pfister
>Ellen Hackl Fagan
>Ellen Pliskin
>Erin Walrath
>Fethi Meghelli
>Fethi Meghelli
>Brick Yellow Collinsville
>Frederick Velardi
>Garry Burdick "A Morning with Norman Rockwell"
>Geoffrey Moss
>I.S. Levitz
>Joan Lockhart
>Joe Rubin
>Jonathan Allen
>Linda Gardner
>Matt Wood
>Megan Craig
>Michael Rivera
>Richard Carleton
>Rita Maduro Frenkel
>Ryan Fitzgerald
>Sandra Scott
>Silvia Marinari Showing “ISTANBUL” photos June 28-Aug. 9; Reception July 10
>Tina Puckett
>Virginia Murray Retrospective
>Eduardo Paredes
>Frank Federico
>Frederic Monnet
>Frozen in Time
>Gwen Freeman
>H. Veronika Gaia
>Joan Smith-Walleck
>Kirsten Larsen Fredericks
>Louise W. King, 2005 Show
>"Narratives" Fethi Meghelli and Debra Roinestad
>New “Hardware City of the World” Exhibit by Paul Baylock; Reception July 10
>Paul Favello
>Selected works from "Four Seasons of Flanders"
>Ted Witek
>The Menu Cover as Art
>Tom Kretsch
>Charlie Heyman
>Maryellen Considine-Woolley March 10th thru May 10th 2010
>Louise W. King 2006
>Marcia Taylor
>Michael Egan
>Michael Garber
>Opening Reception June 12 for Sculptor Douglas Holtquist's "Birds of Color" Installation
>Paula Brinkman March 10 thru May 10 2010
>Silvia Marinari
>Young Artists, 2005 Show
>Alain Picard
>All that jazz
>Ellen Hoverkamp’s Photos: “Artful Edibles and Garden Perennials”
>Flanders Nature Center Benefit
>Marcia Taylor in "Wild"
>The Four Seasons of the Pomperaug
>Katie Danahy Samuelson's "Into the Light"
>Nancy Moore in "Wild"
>Paintings by Forrest Haskins on View May 3 to June 28; May 15 Reception
>Upcoming Artist at the Good News Cafe & Gallery
>Geoffrey Moss
>Joy Floyd's "Lost and Found"
>Leslie Alexander
>Oi Fortin
>Pamela Hochstetter
>Sebastian DiStefano
>Jessica Torrant
>Katie Samuelson
> Fern Berman Photographer
>Marlow Shami
>Hank Meirowitz
>Susie Tarnowicz
>Suzan Scott
>Ariane Luckey
>John & Fish
>Barbara Yasuda
>Remi Lleshi "The Earth Stone Cairn"
>Tom Kretsch
>Aaron Szymanski
>Patricia Brace Stars and Stripes
>Rediscover Our Patio!
>David Monico
>Robert Brennan
>Jerry Kaplan
>Better CT Pumpkin Raviloi
>Bruce S. Clark
>Clay Horses at Good News
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>Randy Emmons & Julie Snow
>Richard Beaulieu
>Richard Thomas
>Robert Andrew Parker
>Sara Matzkin
>Ted Witek
>Tina Gauthier
> Artist Fethi Meghelli
>Virginia Murray
>Walt Disney World Marathon
>Woodbury Fall festival
>Lauri Zarin

Art Gallery
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>Opening reception for Cynthia Zinser open to the public
>Opening reception for Heather Sandifer open to the public

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Catherine DoocyTransitions

Windsor artist Catherine Doocy takes an exhilarating journey from the natural landscapes she draws from memory to the inner artistic vision she expresses in the paintings of her new exhibition "Transi...

David Eugene BellHis Life, His Art

The unique abstract needlepoint creations of the late Washington (Conn.) artist David Eugene Bell are featured in a special exhibition running from July 11 to August 27 at the Good News Cafe and Galle...

Diane Pfister"Painting Is Soundless Poetry"

Southbury artist Diane Pfister offers a collection of her oil paintings and pencil and ink drawings capturing the poetic and transcendent qualities of life in her new exhibition continuing through Oct...

Ellen Hackl FaganSensate

Ellen Hackl Fagan explores the rich tapestry of sensory interaction through her abstract paintings in her new exhibition "Sensate," continuing through March 26th at the Good News Cafe and Gallery. At...

Ellen PliskinLandscapes

Ellen Pliskin offers richly varied modernist interpretations of a traditional style of painting in her new exhibition, “Landscapes,” running through June 19 at the Good News Cafe and Gallery. Pliskin...

Erin WalrathWanderings

Erin Walrath’s exhibition, “Wanderings,” currently showing in the main dining room and bar, draws upon her extensive travels at home and abroad over the past decade to pursue formal art studies and se...

Fethi MeghelliShadows & Other Realities

Fethi Meghelli offers his unique artistic perspective on the contemporary world in his new exhibition of works on paper titled “Shadows and Other Realities,” featured through February 2 at The Good Ne...

Fethi MeghelliAnother Way of Looking

New Haven painter Fethi Meghelli’s exhibition, “Another Way of Looking,” currently showing in the main dining room and bar, reflects the creativity of an intellectually restless and multi-dimensional ...

Brick Yellow CollinsvillePaintings by Aaron Szymanski

Acclaimed Watertown designer Aaron Szymanski explores light and shadow through his paintings of urban architecture in his current exhibition running through December 12 at the Good News Cafe & Gallery...

Frederick VelardiRecent works in color-field painting

Monroe artist Frederick Velardi, a specialist in color-field painting, presents a selection of recent paintings in his current exhibition continuing to October 13 at The Good News Café Gallery. Descr...

Garry Burdick "A Morning with Norman Rockwell"

Local Connecticut Artist Garry Camp Burdick is on exhibit in his show A Morning With Norman Rockwell at Good News Cafe & Gallery WOODBURY, CT "Local Connecticut Artist Garry Camp Burdick ...

Geoffrey Moss Outsider. Insider.

Nationally acclaimed New York artist Geoffrey Moss brings a richly varied exploration of his many-faceted artistic perspectives to Connecticut in a new show running through August 15 at the Good News ...

I.S. LevitzHouse and Garden

West Hartford artist I.S. Levitz’s exhibition, “House and Garden,” currently featured in the main dining room, offers a vibrant, multi-hued vision of commonplace subjects from her world, transformed b...

Joan LockhartLush Life

Massachusetts artist Joan Lockhart, former graphic designer for numerous national magazines and books, celebrates her successful return to her professional roots as a painter in her visually exuberant...

Joe RubinReflections

New York City's dizzying daily kaleidoscope of color and light - reflected in office building windows, street puddles, passing cars and much more - provides the inspiration for New York photographer J...

Jonathan AllenI Remember Montauk

Wolcott artist Jonathan Allen brings his distinctive technique and style as a cartoonist to his new "Montauk series" of paintings, on exhibition through May 14 in the main dining room of the Good News...

Linda GardnerA Familiar Language

Linda Gardner’s exhibition, “A Familiar Language,” offers a multi-faceted exploration of the inner self through the dreamlike kaleidoscope of shapes and bold colors in her abstract paintings. “A Fami...

Matt WoodBliss

Woodbury artist Matt Wood opens a window on the versatile expressions of his art in paintings and photography in his new exhibition titled "Bliss," running through Jan. 15, 2007, at the Good News Cafe...

Megan Craigthis is the garden

New Haven artist Megan Craig shares her perceptions of urban landscapes awash with the "rural sprawl" of floral life in her exhibition continuing through October 22 at the Good News Cafe and Gallery. ...

Michael RiveraBrainWaves

Roxbury artist Michael Rivera’s spontaneous, often humorous commentaries on himself, society and the world around him provide the theme for the current exhibition of his recent paintings running throu...

Richard CarletonPaintings and Etchings

Connecticut artist Richard Carleton offers a “visual epiphany” of diverse images realized in the paintings and etchings presented in his new exhibition running through February 7, 2005, at the Good Ne...

Rita Maduro FrenkelAmistades

New Preston artist Rita Maduro Frenkel offers a window on the colors of her world in her new exhibition of paintings, “Amistades,” running from March 8 through April 24 at the Good News Cafe and Galle...

Ryan Fitzgerald"Palisadoes" - Showing February 5, 2013 - April 2, 2013

Born in Evanston, Illinois, Ryan received a Master of Fine Arts from the New York Studio School in 2012 as well as a Bachelor of Arts in Creative Writing from Knox College in 2004. "I'm a painter wh...

Sandra ScottNature Impressions

Selections from Monroe quiltmaker Sandra Scott’s multi-hued artistic works capturing the rich beauties of the natural world in fabric are on display in an exhibition titled “Nature Impressions” contin...

Silvia Marinari Showing “ISTANBUL” photos June 28-Aug. 9; Reception July 10

New York photographer Silvia Marinari’s series entitled “ISTANBUL” will be exhibited from June 28 through Aug. 9 at Good News Café & Gallery, located at 694 Main Street South in Woodbury. Good News ...

Tina PuckettDimensional Weaving

Winsted master weaver Tina Puckett, a self-taught artist and owner of Tina's Baskets who has been weaving sculptures, baskets and wall art for more than 20 years, brings her series of original woven f...

Virginia Murray RetrospectiveA Life in Paint & Clay

The Good News Cafe and Gallery celebrates the life and works of the late Woodbury artist Virginia Murray in an exhibition continuing through September 4. The retrospective show features selections fro...

WILDNancy Moore & Marcia Taylor

Ridgefield painter Nancy Moore and Newtown ceramic artist Marcia Taylor celebrate the serendipitous discovery of their shared artistic vision of the natural world in their new exhibition, "Wild," cont...

Eduardo ParedesLook at That!"

"It's been said that the only useful thing you can say to someone else about a powerful work of art is, 'Look at that!'" remarks Waterbury sculptor Eduardo Paredes. "My work is so much about how to lo...

ExpressionsStudent art from Region 15 Memorial Middle School in Middlebury

Memorial Middle School (MMS) students will have art work on display in a gallery show titled “Expressions” through April 24. Memorial Middle School seventh- and eighth-grade students selected by art ...

Frank FedericoJazzalicious

Litchfield painter Frank Federico’s show, “Jazzalicious,” offers a retrospective of his works portraying jazz themes in his collaboration with the Litchfield Jazz Festival over the past decade. Other ...

Frederic MonnetPostures of Yoga

French artist Frederic Monnet explores the physical discipline and spirituality of yoga in a his current exhibition of recent paintings titled “Postures of Yoga.” Monnet, a native of Paris who has pu...

Frozen in TimePhotography by Ari Friedlaender

In his current show, “Frozen in Time,” running through December 12 in the Radio Room, Ari Friedlaender has transformed his academic research in Antarctica into a lyrical photographic journey offering ...

Gwen FreemanFamily Dining Scenes

California artist and attorney Gwen Freeman offers selections of her evocative figurative works and subdued landscapes in her current exhibition in the Radio Room. Recipient of a B.A. in philosophy a...

H. Veronika GaiaNature's Peace

Woodbury photographer H. Veronika Gaia focuses on the personal perception and spiritual lessons of the natural world in "Nature's Peace," showing in the Radio Room through May 14. Gaia's exhibition t...

Joan Smith-WalleckBotanical Art on Porcelain

In her new show, “Botanical Art on Porcelain,” currently exhibiting in the Radio Room, Woodbury artist Joan Smith-Walleck marks her debut at the Good News Cafe & Gallery. In her artist’s statement, Sm...

Kirsten Larsen FredericksA Natural Reaction

Roxbury artist Kirsten Larsen Fredericks displays her creative transformation of natural forms into unique bowls, vases and other ceramic works in her new exhibition titled "A Natural Reaction," conti...

Louise W. King, 2005 ShowClay Horses Again

Louise W. King's exhibition, "Clay Horses Again," marks the third visit of her hand-built clay horses at the GNC Gallery. The collection of conventional-glaze, Raku-fired and wood-fired horses have be...

"Narratives" Fethi Meghelli and Debra RoinestadNovember 11th 2009 until January 11th 2010

The Combined Talents of Artists Fethi Meghelli and Debra Roinestad are on exhibit in their new show Narratives at Good News Cafe & Gallery WOODBURY, CT "Local Connecticut Artists Debra...

New “Hardware City of the World” Exhibit by Paul Baylock; Reception July 10

Connecticut artist Paul Baylock’s recent collection entitled “Hardware City of the World” will be exhibited from June 28 through Aug. 9 at Good News Café & Gallery, located at 694 Main Street in Woodb...

Paul Favello

Photographer Paul Favello brings A Filtered Lense to the Good News Cafe & Gallery September 13th, opening reception 3-5pm WOODBURY, CT "Photographer and printmaker Paul Favello marries tr...

ROOSTERS!Paintings by Susan Prentice

Simsbury painter and graphic designer Susan Prentice has chosen Good News Cafe & Gallery to unveil her new series of oil paintings titled "Roosters!" Her exhibition revealing the many faces and profil...

Selected works from "Four Seasons of Flanders"A benefit for Flanders Center

Now showing in the Radio Room of the Good News Café is an exhibition of art works from the upcoming "Four Seasons of Flanders" auction. Among the works currently showing in the Radio Room is the oil p...

Ted WitekPhotoSynthesis

Photographer Ted Witek returns to Woodbury with a body of work dedicated to the natural beauty and the unique color and form of every flower in his new exhibition titled "PhotoSynthesis," continuing t...

The Menu Cover as ArtAn International Collection

Our current show in the Radio Room, “The Menu Cover as Art,” features an eclectic international collection of restaurant and bar menu covers evocative of dining experiences spanning the globe from New...

Tom KretschWater Moods

"Water Moods": Photography by Tom Kretsch Westport photographer Tom Kretsch shares a powerful personal and artistic inspiration drawn from his longstanding affinity for the Canadian Maritime r...

Charlie HeymanMoment Captured

In his show, “Moment Captured,” currently featured in the Radio Room and bar, Charlie Heyman displays his original and eclectic photographs of landscape, architecture, still life and other subjects. “...

Maryellen Considine-Woolley March 10th thru May 10th 2010

Artist Maryellen Considine-Woolley will be on exhibit in her new show Where Memories Reside from March 10, until May 10, 2010 Good News Cafe will welcome Maryellen with an opening reception a...

Louise W. King 2006Clay Horses Yet Again

Washington (Conn.) ceramic artist Louise W. King's exhibition, "Clay Horses Yet Again," marks the seventh visit of her hand-built clay horses at the Good News Cafe and Gallery, dating back to 1998. Th...

Marcia TaylorEarth on Her Hands

Newtown pottery artist Marcia Taylor’s show, “Earth on Her Hands,” features hand built and thrown sculptural pieces evoking the beauty and whimsical surprises of flora and fauna in the natural world. ...

Michael EganDesigns in Glassware Art

Vermont craftsman Michael Egan offers a tour of his evolving designs in glassware art in his current exhibition at The Good News Cafe & Gallery. Egan observes that he has moved in recent years into a...

Michael Garber "The Drama of Light" Showing November 27, 2012 - February 5, 2013

Michael Garber, a landscape, nature and portrait photographer, is intrigued by the subjectivity of light and is drawn to objects as they are transformed in changing light. He employs light as a design...

Opening Reception June 12 for Sculptor Douglas Holtquist's "Birds of Color" Installation

Sculptor Douglas Holtquist will exhibit his installation, entitled “Birds of Color,” during the summer of 2016 at Carole Peck’s Good News Café and Gallery, ...

Paula Brinkman March 10 thru May 10 2010

Artist Paula Brinkman will be on exhibit in her new show All Dolled Up from March 10, until May 10, 2010 at Good News Cafe & Gallery Good News Cafe will welcome Paula with an opening receptio...

Silvia MarinariRoots & Light

New York photographer Silvia Marinari, a summer resident of Litchfield, presents selections from her black-and-white images in “Roots and Light,” an exhibition running from August 17 to September 19. ...

Young Artists, 2005 ShowBeginnings

Carole Peck's Good News Cafe is pleased to make our gallery space available once again to showcase paintings by talented young artists from the fine arts program of the Region 15 school district. The...

Alain Picard"In View" Showing September 11, 2012 -November 27, 2012

"In View is a collection of landscape, portrait, figure, and still life paintings diverse in subject matter, yet coalescing to reveal a unified visual perception, one that is hopeful and compassionate...

All that jazz Photos from Aug. 21 opening

We share these photos taken at the August 21 opening reception for our new exhibitions by Frank Federico, Marcia Taylor and Silvia Marinari. The first photographs show painter Frank Federico chatting ...

Ellen Hoverkamp’s Photos: “Artful Edibles and Garden Perennials”

Connecticut photographer Ellen Hoverkamp’s series entitled “Artful Edibles and Garden Perennials” will be exhibited through June 28 at Good News Café & Gallery. Good News Cafe will welcome Ellen with...

Flanders Nature Center BenefitArt Selections from the Oct. 22 Auction

The art works on exhibition through October 17 in the Radio Room represent selections from the annual auction to benefit the Flanders Nature Center and Land Trust in Woodbury. This year's Flanders din...

Marcia Taylor in "Wild"Preview her show

Here are several representative works from Marcia Taylor's current show at Good News Cafe. ...

The Four Seasons of the Pomperaug

The Pomperaug River Watershed Coalition's photography contest, to be held a few weeks after the Earth Day Charity Ball and Earth week 2010. The Show will be on display in our radio room.

Katie Danahy Samuelson's "Into the Light"

January 13th until March 8th 2010 Katie Danahy Samuelson s paintings are embedded with history. She paints abstractly with oil in a style that links her directly with 1950 s abstraction....

Nancy Moore in "Wild"Preview her show

Here are several representative works from Nancy Moore's current show at Good News Cafe. ...

Paintings by Forrest Haskins on View May 3 to June 28; May 15 Reception

Connecticut artist Forrest Haskins will present a new exhibit entitled “Textured Abstraction” from May 3 through June 28 at Good News Café & Gallery, 694 Main Street South, Woodbury, CT. Good News ...

Upcoming Artist at the Good News Cafe & Gallery

February 5 through April 2, 2013 - Ryan Fitzgerald displays his paintings. April 2 through June...

Geoffrey Moss "Still Crossing Lines" - Showing July 31, 2012 - September 11, 2012

"My work is about drawing.about crossing the line. Over the years, the work has become comfortably less representational, focusing more on the reduction of shapes and forms to reflect the interaction ...

Joy Floyd's "Lost and Found"

January 13th until March 8th 2010 Contemporary art has used collage as one of its major mediums since the late 1800's, Henri Matisse found honesty in its simplified forms and Robert Rauchenbu...

Leslie Alexander"Flaura, Fauna, Flood" Showing March 20 - May 29, 2012

These three complementary series of works, 'Flora', 'Fauna', and 'Fluid'', explore the colliding worlds of the natural and the mechanical; the quick and the dead. In a nod to the tradition of still ...

Oi Fortin

We are pleased to welcome Oi Fortin her show is titled: ¡Salud! Monotypes Displayed in our gallery for spring 2016 Oi's art will be on display in our Dining room and in our Radio room March 1st ~ Ma...

Pamela Hochstetter"Meditations on Paper" - Showing May 29 - July 31, 2012

Pamela Hochstetter's meditative approach to making work is informed by her study of Buddhist philosophy. Allowing the materials to "have their way" involves deep, quiet listening. She savors the proce...

Sebastian DiStefano"Mind in Motion" Showing from January 27 through March 20, 2012

Sebastian DiStefano was born in 1934 in Waterbury and has spent his entire life painting mostly non-objective art. From the beginning he painted abstract and non-objective works. That's where he felt...

Jessica TorrantShowing November 29, 2011

Artist Statement: In her latest collection of paintings, Fresh Impressions, Jessica Torrant explores an abstract direction inspired by Impressionist techniques, brush strokes, and color chemistry. R...

Katie Samuelson"Cityscapes" - Showing May 29 - July 31, 2012

Katie Danahy Samuelson began studying art while an undergraduate at Mount Holyoke College and continued her study more recently at the University of Hartford Art School and area art league courses. W...

Fern Berman Photographer

Starting Wednesday, July 14th, with an opening reception on Sunday, July 18 from 3 to 5pm photographer Fern Berman will host a solo show this summer in both galleries at the restaurant. ...

Marlow ShamiShowing November 29, 2011

Artist Statement Marlow D. J. Shami A thread-like intelligence attracts my attention in the art making process. These attractions are the foundation of my creative impulse-- they are everywhere. My j...

SUSAN McLAUGHLINTo be shown from September 27 to Novemeber 29

Ms. McLaughlin's new show, Depingo Ergo Sum, is about blurring the lines. The title, which means "I paint, therefore I am," reflects the artist's career-long effort to unify art and life. The work in ...

Hank MeirowitzShowing May 31-July 26


Susie Tarnowicz

Susie Tarnowicz’s work has been driven by three consistent, artistic challenges: a desire to make what she sees, to investigate what she doesn’t, and an unconditional love for learning. Although her w...

Suzan Scott

December 1st - January 10th Opening reception Sunday, December 5th 3:00pm-5:00pm...

Ariane Luckey

Ariane Luckey is an artist whose works are personal interpretations of the way light diffuses the landscape in color and the moods they evoke in her. Her paintings are loosely representational, celebr...

John & Fish

John Soong was born in Tainan, Taiwan in 1963. He and Fish Hsiao, his partner of more than 20 years, were brought together through the study of Buddhism. After building a successful software company i...

Barbara Yasuda

Showing work from March 30th-May 30th Barbara Yasuda s show titled In between , is a series of works created during her recent life transitions. Transitions are a passage from one li...

TriptychsLandscapes by 10 Artists

Triptychs: Landscapes by 10 artists Three views, a split second apart? Three ways of viewing? Three parts to a view? These landscapes painted as triptychs are meant to be viewed as such, and in e...

Remi Lleshi "The Earth Stone Cairn"

2010 The Earth Stone Cairn is a fourteen thousand pound stone sculpture comprised of sixty-eight layers of granite and marble collected from around the world. Its spherical shape and o...

Tom Kretsch

Showing work from March 30th-May 30th Photographer Tom Kretsch has traveled to places both near and far in search of Peaceful Places , those special spots where he has been able to captur...

Aaron Szymanskishowing May 31 through July 19


Patricia Brace Stars and Stripes

Stars and Stripes is a show from emerging artist Patricia Brace that aligns concepts of American patriotism and feminism, through the use of craft and minimalism. The show questions wh...

Rediscover Our Patio!

As the flowers and herbs on our patio blossom and flourish so should you! Stop in for cocktails, or a dessert on our kimee chairs and stay for dinner on our newly expanded patio. Open whenever the c...

David Monico

Painter David Morico brings GLIMPSES to the Good News Cafe & Gallery September 13th, opening reception 3-5pm Abstract Painter David Morico brings a colorful and exciting show to the area, entitl...

Robert Brennan

Robert Brennan, of Easton, CT, will exhibit paintings and constructions from the carpet and monochrome series at the Good News Caf from July 15, 2009, through September 7, 2009. Brennan s award-winni...

Jerry Kaplan

Matchstick Art July 8th thru September 7th...


Carole will once again be on BETTER CT this coming WEDNESDAY, NOV 11th, 2015. During the cooking segment of the show. She will be preparing a Pumpkin Ravioli dish with Lemon raisin sage brow...

Better CT Pumpkin Raviloi